Shi Yī



Ten incidents happened before the firework celebration of National Day. Someone is acting curious, someone is getting upset, someone is being barbarian, and someone is feeling helpless.

While the society gone crazy, and the world become ridiculous, is the firework tonight still fascinate you? The glee today still goes on?


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25/10/2013 (Fri) 8pm
26/10/2013 (Sat) 3pm and 8pm
27/10/2013 (Sun) 3pm

1/11/2013   (Fri) 8pm
2/11/2013   (Sat) 3pm and 8pm
3/11/2013   (Sun) 3pm



Tong 3 (3/F, 716 Shang Hai Street, Hong Kong)


$150 / $80* (*Full-time Students/Senior Citizen Aged 60 or Above)

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  Production Team

Script/ Director/ Sound Designer Cathy SK Lam
Producer Angel Chan
Actor  Angel Chan,  Doris Yu,  Matthew Lai,  Toby Yung
Lighting Designer/ Stage Manager    Vincy Leung 
Costume Designer  Stya Yuen 
Photographer  Joey Kwok@Bo-Chi Workshop 
Graphic Designer  Dai C 
Producer Assistant/ Assistant Stage Manager    Kyle Ng 
Ticketing  Mary Cheng 



* Programme lasts for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, with no intermission.
* This programme may contain obscene language.


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Director's Word




Angel SY Chan (Company Manager)

Graduated from the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (Honours), majoring in Acting; “Drama-In-Education techniques for Drama tutors” by the School and Chung Ying Theatre Company; “Certificate in East/West Theatre Studies” by the University of Hong Kong SPACE. During her study, she received Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship, Ben & Benson Company Ltd Scholarships and The Hongkong Bank Foundation Hong Kong – Mainland Exchange Scholarships, and visited Sichuan and Tokyo.

After graduated from HKAPA, Angel has continued acting and physical training in PIP School, Philippe Gaulier Master class and Horizon Theatre Studio Ltd after graduated. Whereas, she joined Theatre Horizon in 2007, and as Education & Outreaching Manager in 2010-12, which produced and performed various school touring productions: ”Searching for the Happiness Ville” (Drug Abuse), “Super Politeman: Happy School” (School category), “Super Politeman: Happy to Begin” (Social & Library categories), “The Broken Window” (Collaboration with The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong).

Recent theatre performances: The 10th Chinese Drama Festival ─ Piece by Piece “Will you please be quiet, please?”; ThreeWoods Playwright “All about Ruby”, “The Immigration Lottery” (Participated in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014, Umbrella Festival 2015 & Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016), “The Height” (Charity Production Commissioned by REN Coaching Research Institute), “Shi Yī “, “Bon Voyage”, “Every Little Thing”, “Revelation of Love”, “The Reborn?” (Gospel play), “The Curious Incident of a Little Girl”(Hong Kong & Guilin Version) (Collaboration with Ma Chai Sand Art), and as Producer in《寂。Solitaire》 (Collaboration with TwoMouthRice). Hong Kong Repertory Theatre “Boundless Movement” (First & Re-run & Guangzhou), “Caligula” and the Pre-show; Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education “Five Children and It”, “What time is it, Uncle Fox?”, “Princess Ice-Lolly”, “The Frog Groom”,  “The Boy becomes Rabbit Mama”, “The Goose of Pipi”, “Muddlehead Tiger” (Collaboration with Sun Sun Arts Troupe) and participated the 3rd National Puppet & Shadow Competition of Golden Lion Prize (Mandarin version); Theatre Horizon “The Leftout”, “Winds of Change”, “Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!”, “Defiance” (First & Re-run); Spring-Time Experimental Theatre “Hello Hong Kong” (Musical), “The House of 72 Tenants” (First & Re-run); Prospects Theatre: Playwright Scheme X “Preservation/ Are you a doctor?”, Playwright Scheme VI “Solitary map”; Methodist Evangelistic Ministry “Looking for Ideal once again” and “Selling LOVE”; Make Friends with Puppet “The Little Snowman & Sunflower”, etc. For school touring: Sun Sun Arts Troupe “Chinese shadow Phantom” (Shadow Puppet); Theatre Ensemble “Save the Dolphins”; Exploration Theatre “Sit out ideas”. Besides, she also appeared in commercials and government propaganda: Narcotics Division, Hospital Authority, promotion of West Kowloon Cultural District, Burger King, etc.

Angel is also an experienced acting coaching, cooperation included “Drama in Pre-primary Education: Funful Learning Project” and the research project “A School, Theatre and University Partnership in Integrating Drama into Preschool Curriculum”, which launch by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, so as to assist the development of drama curriculum in early childhood at schools. Moreover, she has co-operated with St. James’ Settlement Continued Education Centre and write the drama programme “Be the Master of your Emotion ─ Pre-school Drama (Emotional) Education Programme” and coaching in both pre-school and teachers’ drama workshops.

In 2011, Angel joined ThreeWoods Playwright and working as the Company Manager. In 2012, she has received funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council under the Emerging Artists Project Grant, she established Syan Production, created and produced “The Anonymous”. [Director, Playwright and Actress]

She is currently working as an Actress, Theatre Arts and Education Coach, and Adjudicator of the Hong Kong School Drama Festival.

 Doris Yu


Doris obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree, majoring in Acting, from the Drama School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She also studied an MA in Drama-in-Education from the University of Central England (Birmingham). She has been awarded four times the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship, the Lai Cho-tin Memorial Scholarship and the HSBC Scholarship. She has also joined cultural exchanges in Edinburgh, London and Taipei. She represented the academy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004 in The Short Story of Ah Q.


Her recent acting performances include Musical The Blue Bird of Happiness, Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme with Theatre Noir, Falling in Love with Her, Cousin Wai and Seven Dwarfs, Footloose, Brother Ten, Road show Musical The Story of the Fishermen, Act My Life, Musicals Tin Hau, Cinderella, An Invitation of Love and Grease; Stage Shows include The Height, Morgans Journey, Shi Yi, The Ant Festival @ JCCAC, Wonder of Word, Inherit the Wind (1st and Re-run),and Burning in the Darkness, The Real Suzie and the Vagina Monologues (V-Day 2007 & 2008 were performed in English).


She has directed school productions for anniversaries and educational purpose. Her recent works include Shakespeare Escapades, Hairspray, Mulan, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Missing Piece, Wizard of Oz, The Blaze, Fame, Grease, Cinderella, Dancing 8, So I Think I Can Dance,… etc.


She worked as a full-time multi-language actress at the Hong Kong Disneyland, performing in the Festival of the Lion King among other duties. She has been invited as an adjudicator for Hong Kong School Drama Festival (English Section) and other local drama competitions for years. She has also worked as a performer, Choreographer and Director and tutor for companies including LCSD, Theatre Noir, AFTEC, SDM Jazz and Ballet Academie, Ocean Park, Exploration Theatre, Drama Gallery, Alice Laboratory, Theatre Space, Jumbo Kids Theatre, Shakespeare4All, Ming Ri Education Centre, Eduarts Ltd, Empty Theatre, Talent Education, Strategic Entertainment, etc.


She has experience as a teaching artist in over 100 local primary and secondary schools, an actress in stage shows, touring performances, TV and film, an MC for various events and as a voice over artist. 

Matthew Lai


Matthew has been passionated about Performing Arts since he was young. He had been involved in different theatre production including I Love You Boyz Theatre ”歡樂粒宵”, Bravo Theatre ”Bitter Sweet”, Alumni On Stage ”人民英雄”, Legend Infinity ”Right Here Waiting”(3rd and 4th run), ”A Step For A Life” and ”What A Dream Wedding”, 0923+Theatre ”Live.Love”, Threewoods Playwright ” Shi Yī”、Think Big Theatre ”The Maze Of Fate”, Gear Attic “Alice In Wonderland”, etc.

Matthew is currently a freelance actor and dancer. Recently, he started working in advertising and film industry as well, movie that he could be seem including ”Ten Years”, Epictudio Theatre ”喼殺”, SC Storage World Cup (ads) and mini-movie ”No Rest For Restrooms”.

容翊修 Toby Yung






鄧樹榮戲劇工作室一年制青年形體劇場課程初屆畢業生、分別於畢業展演、大專巡演及藝發局頒獎典禮上演出工作室劇目《泰特斯2.0》,其他過往演出劇目包括:三木劇作-《寂。SOLITAIRE》、《拾.壹》;OST Theatre-《不能愛你的幸福》;拉闊劇團-《假如我們不是這樣開始》;春天戲曲舞台《胡雪巖》等等。



   Angel Chan

  Doris Yu

  Matthew Lai  


  Toby Yung  





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We believe that theater and society are closely related. We hunger and seek for the new thinking through different approach of text, we question and explore the present world through the play, we hope and search the way to a be a better man through the reflection between theater and the audience.



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