Revelation of Love

Love is the root of everything and it creates the bridge between human beings and contributes the generation of ethnic.

All faith and religion begins with Love, when the values of Love is distorted, the world start falling apart like a domino effect........


  Performance Details

Date:    15-17 Apr 2011(Fri-Sun) 8:00pm
Venue:  Theatre Horizon Black Box
Price:  $120/*$80(*Full-time Students/Senior Citizen Aged 60 or Above)

*Fully supported by Theatre Horizon*

*Sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Development Council*


*Attention: The play contains sensitive subject matter, and is only suitable for audience aged 12 or above

* The length of the performance is about 90 minutes without intermission, latecomers will only be allowed in subject to the appropriate time during the performance.


  Production Team

Acting Consultant  Chan Chu Hei
Director/ Script Writer/ Actress/ Promotion   Cathy SK Lam
Actress/ Producer Angel Chan
Actor Laurance Leung
Lighting Designer/ Deputy Stage Manager Vincy Leung
Sound Designer/ Live Music Brian Hau
Set Designer Yico Lam
Costume Designer Helen Kwan
Graphic Designer Dai C
Stage Manager Timothy Ng
Assistance Stage Manager Ulysess Chu
Deputy Promotion/ Ticketing Elsa Ma
Phototgraphy Pierre To


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When I start working on “The Revelation Of Love”, I just simply searching for the relationship between love and desire, and focus on how people handle one’s Eros and how they tackle in the dilemma of a love-hate situation. As my definition of Love, I found it rough and rash, somehow naive. For everyone who has ever read the first draft asked the same question, “Why all those character is pathetic and desperate, none of them will get a happy ending? Why is that? So you want to tell us what is love, or you just want to show us some Eros that apparently everyone of us already know about it?” Well, I was speechless at that moment. I guess may be all these days I have heard enough sad love story and turns out I am being pessimistic about Love. Every time, I think of these four letters L-O-V-E, I will see hate, tears, revenge, and the happy face barely appears in my brain. For those live in shadow you never sees the light. It applies to the situation here.

Friend A, "Love is always no way out? Do you not believe in love?"

"On the contrary, I believe there is love, and I always dare to move forward for it." I respond.

Friend A, "Then write to us, encourage people to go for it, it’s the Revelation of Love for god sake!"

Okay, so what Love is supposed to be? Here is what the bible said, “Love is patient. . . Love never fails.” In written Chinese, the word love is combined with “take” and “heart”, it means love is a give and take relationship. Other said, love means to conquer or being conquered, someone gotta lose and live under someone’s shadow.

During the creative stage, I was stucked and my thought keep filp flopping, and was confused about the script and I have almost got lost of it...

Well thanks to my friends experience and the lovely wedding, showed me the true colors of Love and to see love in a different vision. I am not sure if witness the happy endings of others really did something different to me. However, I am very grateful to the idea, “equality, to be patient, to respect, blessing, be supportive” is always there.

Although there are so many different interpretation about Love, Love til Doomsday is always my favourite. There is a smash hit movie called “Eternal Moment” in Mainland, the director wanted to deliver the message that love never fade off and will be an everlasting one, as long as we still believe the beauty inside, follow your true gut, and dare to try, love has always been the same.

Some say love is blind, and they usually do at the beginning. Hmmm, I doubt that. I say we have to open our eyes in order to see things clearly ahead of us and help the relationship to go on and on. Look around the world we live in, there is war, revolution, evil everywhere, is the doomsday approaches yet as the Mayan said? It could be. However, we will survive if there is Love. Well, at leave I believe in it.

The road of Love is never a smooth one, there is always a lot of deviation which out of our calculation, but just what I said, “Love Til’ Doomsday”. And that is gold.

Cathy SK Lam 

7th April, 2011

Director's Word
Love Til' Doomsday


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We believe that theater and society are closely related. We hunger and seek for the new thinking through different approach of text, we question and explore the present world through the play, we hope and search the way to a be a better man through the reflection between theater and the audience.



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