How does "Suspended Ticket for Young Generation" works?


We accept support from audience


We welcome audience’ support by Cash:

Audience can support the project by cash and pass it to our front desk officer while after watching our production on the same day.



2. We select and match performance and audience
  By contacting different performance company (e.g. theater, dance, music), we will get to know each company’s details, genre, and upcoming performance; we will contact and match the school or organization who interested in joining this project. 
3. Get into the theater and watch the show!
4. After the performance

We will arrange “Sharing the creativity” in between the kids and the artists, in order to provide a chance for the kids to meet the artists and exchange thoughts with them. It is a great opportunity for the kids to understand the meaning behind the production and how the performance to be created.

We have also prepared worksheet and questionnaire for the kids, hoping these as a starting guide for them to think and understand the production. Also, as a tool for accessing the project, and of course, collecting feedback as well.

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About us

We believe that theater and society are closely related. We hunger and seek for the new thinking through different approach of text, we question and explore the present world through the play, we hope and search the way to a be a better man through the reflection between theater and the audience.



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Suspended Ticket for Young Generation