"Suspended Ticket for Young Generation" FAQ

Who is going to benefit from this project?

ThreeWoods Playwright was established to promote arts to every single one in our city. Hoping for provide kids whose family cannot afford arts an opportunity to reach Arts. Any local full time student will be eligible to benefit from this project, without any constrains from religion, ethnicity and sexuality.


Will the project actually help the people will real need?

For all the amount we collected from this project, will be fully used SOLELY on buying tickets. All the administration work are volunteering and would not charge any penny.

When selecting performance, we will get to know each production and understand the details by the aspect of education and artistic; then we will contact and match the school or organization who interested in joining this project.


How do we know our support has been processed?

After we have received the support from audience, we will list the name of supporter, (or nicknames, depending on the supporter’s preference), so as the amount of each in our website.

And for the organization who benefited from the project, we will list on our website as well, including the performance’ details and feedbacks.

We will create a open platform and crystallized every details of our project to everyone.


Any further details ?

We will arrange “Sharing the creativity” in between the kids and the artists, in order to provide a chance for the kids to meet the artists and exchange thoughts with them.

We have also prepared worksheet and questionnaire for the kids, hoping these as a starting guide for them to think and understand the production. Also, as a tool for accessing the project, and of course, collecting feedback as well.

How can I show my support?

You can show your support in anyway! (Please refer to “How it Works?)

And it you know any schools or organization that may be eligible to this project, feel free to contact us! Get a ticket for our younger generation!

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About us

We believe that theater and society are closely related. We hunger and seek for the new thinking through different approach of text, we question and explore the present world through the play, we hope and search the way to a be a better man through the reflection between theater and the audience.



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Suspended Ticket for Young Generation