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 S.K.H St Mary's Church Mok King Yiu College - ThreeWoods Playwright "ShiYī" (27-Oct-2013 3pm)

Eight Students from Drama Society of S.K.H St Mary's Church Mok King Yiu College has become the very first group of Beneficiary of the Suspended Ticket Project. They have attended the maintee of "ShiYī" by ThreeWoods Playwright on Oct 27th. 

During the  “Sharing the creativity” section, director and actors from "ShiYī" has shared the thoughts about the production, and also have discussed about the conflict between Mainland and Hong Kong with the students. These young people were very impressed about the venue, surprised that even an old apartment can be turned into a theater and they are very inspired. 


"…Actually, not everyone from Mainland has bad manner, some of them are very polite; sometimes, people in Hong Kong is too subjective and used to stereotype the people from Mainland. I wil try to accept who they are and understand their culture, and will try my best to be patient."

 "From the moment I stepped in to the old apartment....I told myself there are going to be a performance here and kept questioning if the space is enough for the actors to move around and perform...I was surprised they did't need a formal stage, and the whole apartment was already the stage; and the distance between them to the audience was so close. It is original, unique and surprising. I really appreciate that."


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 United Christian College (Kowloon East) - ThreeWoods Playwright "寂。Solitude" (29-Jun-2014 4pm)


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We believe that theater and society are closely related. We hunger and seek for the new thinking through different approach of text, we question and explore the present world through the play, we hope and search the way to a be a better man through the reflection between theater and the audience.



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