Smoking With Grandma 

– Participate in Duo Town International Art Festival 2017 & 

   Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts 2017



Tim Lloyd, The Advertiser  

"THIS play from Hong Kong captures that feeling where the constant hope of salvation becomes set into the bones without the catharsis of release."。 [Read More...]


Jason Yip (Critics, Judge of Hong Kong Theatre Libre)  

""The play is dark and sad yet brings hope to the audience. My brain kept looping the message inside the play after leaving the theatre, I questioned the world is too big yet there is no place for refuge. No matter you are in Hong Kong or Adelaide, it definitly worths your time watching it."  [Read More...]


Georgina Tselekidis, Weekend Notes  

"Cathy SK Lam brings us a relevant and real theatre piece...Upon exiting the theatre, Cathy's production Smoking With Grandma remained on my mind, where I pondered the past and questioned the future of our current refugee crisis."  [Read More...]


Brandon Shalansky, Playwright

"Smoking with Grandma represents the true soul of the fringe; the power to fully flood a tiny black room with memories and dreams is something fully theatrical. And there was something so beautiful about the combined image of smoke projected onto the actor, and the silhouette of her body against the rest of the smoke on the back wall, as if she was never alone. Sat just ahead of me was the spirit of the titular Grandma, and she sat watching her granddaughter just as much as she danced in and out of scenes. It was lovely."



"Speaking volumes in its silence, the alarmingly quiet ‘Smoking with Grandma’ is a movingly minimalist play...undeniably well-executed and captivating." 


Andy Moseley, Artistic Director of NoLogoProductions

"Reflective and thought provoking, a gentle piece that is all the more effective because it encourages you to think rather than tell you what to think ." 



Created by HKADC Emerging Artist Grant recipient, Cathy SK Lam (The Immigration Lottery, Wither on the Vine and Confessions), Smoking with Grandma is a multi-media play about refugees that garnered critical acclaim both in Hong Kong and at Adelaide Fringe 2017. 

Maia calls 1996 "a year of loss." It was the year before the transfer of Hong Kong sovereignty back to China, and the year her grandmother passed away. Her grandma had spent most 
of her life in Tiu Keng Leng, a remote island of Hong Kong that served as refugee village for former Kuomintang officials and followers who fled there from Mainland China after the Communist victory in the Chinese Civil War. The night before Tiu Keng Leng is set to be demolished and disappear from the map forever, Maia unveils some buried secrets, and decides she wants to have a smoke with her grandma. 

  About Make and Play Didgeridoo Workshop (Kaohsiung Only)  

Come join us with this interactive workshop in which everyone goes home with their own instrument and the basic knowledge of how to play it. This workshop synthesises arts and daily life, instrument making and wind instrument techniques into one comprehensive didgeridoo skills workshop that participants will be able to feel the healing of the nature.

About Didgeridoo:
"An authentic didgeridoo is made from a eucalyptus branch that has been hollowed out by termites as the branches lay on the ground. "
Didgeridoo is a wind instrument that developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia and is one of the oldest instrument that still exists today. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe".
The didgeridoo is played with continuously vibrating lips to produce the drone while using a special breathing technique called circular breathing. This requires breathing in through the nose whilst simultaneously expelling stored air out of the mouth using the tongue and cheeks. By use of this technique, a skilled player can replenish the air in their lungs, and with practice can sustain a note for as long as desired. 
Traditionally and originally, the didgeridoo was primarily played as an accompaniment to ceremonial dancing and singing. Today, musician pair up didgeridoo with beatboxing and electronic which adds the colours of mysteries. 
The workshop last for 90 minutes, participant will have to prepare a plastic pipe for making the didgeridoo. Size will be 1.2 inches (diameter) and 120-130 cm (length). Plastic pipe will be able to fine it in any hardware shop. 

  Performance Details

Taipei Performance:


27-28/10/2017 7:30pm


28/10/2017 2:30pm


Thinkers Theatre

(No. 1, Lane 32, Section 1, Dihua St, Taipei)





Ticket set for two TWD700

TWD210 (Student)



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Kaohsiung Performance:


3-4/11/2017 7:30pm


4/11/2017 2:30pm

5/11/2017 2:30pm (Make and Play Didgeridoo Workshop)


Kaohsiung Experimental Theatre

(Gushan District, Kaohsiung)



Show       TWD500 TWD450 (Student)

Workshop TWD300 TWD270 (Student)





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  Production Team

Cathy SK Lam
Music Director/Live Music  
The Coelacanth
Katherine Leung as Maia Lee
Performer Angel SY Chan as Woman
Video Performance Kasen Tsui
Stage Manager Cyrus Lin

※ The programme lasts for approximately 50 minutes without intermission.

※ Performance in English and Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles. 



Home Affairs Bureau

 The project is supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of Hong Kong Administrative Region.

Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government

Frank Chen Foundation

We ART Together Foundation

Tua-tiu-tiann International Festival Of Arts

Copyright of Video “Goodbye Tiu Keng Leng”granted by Hong Kong Youtuber Ng Siu Kai


  Show Photo (Kaohsiung)

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  Show Photo (Taipei)

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Creative Team


Cathy SK Lam (Artistic Director)

Cathy SK Lam (Three Woods) is the Artistic Director and the founder of ThreeWoods Playwright. 

She received MSc in Social Research Method (Philosophy) from the London School of Economics and BA Hons (Magna Cum Laude) in Political Science and Analytical research from the University of California. She studied voice and acting class in Pasadena City College with Anita Adcock and Whitney Rydbeck. During her studies, she joined the backstage of school's show case "King Lear" and " Hotel Paradiso".

After she graduated, she joined Horizon Theatre Studio and received acting training there. She became the company manager of Theatre Horizon and appointed as the Executive Manager in Theatre Horizon Company Limited during 2008-2011. During her time in Theatre Horizon, she has been performed and produced in numbers of production of Theatre Horizon included "The City's Tiger Moth ", "Writing Winds Writing Waves", "Who Beat The Roaches In My House?"(Starring), "Mysterous!The Snow White's Backstage"(Starring), "Rose and Rosa", "Hey God, Did You Drop Something?!"(Starring), "Can't Play Won't Play" By Dario Fo(Translator & Starring)、"Winds Of Change" (The Chorus Leader)、"I AM HAPPY"(One Man Show)、"The Leftover"(Playwright & Executive Director), "French Kiss" (Awarded as one of the most popular production in the 21st Hong Kong Drama Award)、School Touring"Super Politeman: Happy School"(Playwright & Starring), "The Broken Window" , cooperated with The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong(Playwright).

Besides Theatre Horizon, she has also worked with other company, such as Syan Production "The Anonymous" (Producer and Actress), and Dramatic Activity "Three Of Us" (Playwright and Director). As a christian, she also created gospel play "Merry Christmas! Or Not?" and "The Reborn?"

In 2011, she has received funding from Hong Kong Arts Development Council under the Emerging Artists Project Grant, she established ThreeWoods Playwright in the same year, created and produced "Revelation Of Love" , "Every Little Thing", "Bon Voyage" , " "Shi Yī" 
and "The Curious Incident of A Little Girl (Hong Kong & Guilin Version)" (Collaboration with Ma Chai Sand Art), "Solitaire"  (Collaboration with TwoMouthRice) , "The Immigration Lottery" (Premiere in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014, 2015 Hong Kong Umbrella Festival & 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival) , "The Height" (Charity Production Commissioned by REN Coaching Research Institute) and "All About Ruby", “Coffee.Sand.Theater” (The 100th Cohort of City and Guilds Barista Course Celebrating Activity).

She is currently acting and public speaking instructor coaching in both elementary schools, secondary schools, college and NGOs. She also engaged in advertising script writing and appearing in government propaganda. Cooperation includes the Hospital Authority, Burger King, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Life Leading Association and Chu Hai College.

She also started blogging in 2013, and her article could be found in, and 

She is currently working on her first culinary book "Grandma and The Theatrical Home Cook".


腔棘 Coelacanth


Coelacanth is a street ethic music group which perform music with didgeridoo, cajon, jaw harp, etc.

The name Coelacanth is inspired by an ancient order of fish, coelacanth.

According to Theory of Evolution, coelacanth is the first species that landed and evolved into reptiles and Amphibians.

The coelacanth was once known only from its fossils and so was thought to have gone extinct at least 65 million years ago until a recently-dead specimen was discovered by South African fishermen in 1938.

The nature of Coelacanth and the fish is similar. The ethic music we love is considered obscure and absent, but in reality there are still some people performing it.

And we hope our music can drive evolution as coelacanth did, gaining true happiness from inside.


Angel SY Chan (Company Manager)

Graduated from the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama (Honours), majoring in Acting; “Drama-In-Education techniques for Drama tutors” by the School and Chung Ying Theatre Company; “Certificate in East/West Theatre Studies” by the University of Hong Kong SPACE. During her study, she received Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship, Ben & Benson Company Ltd Scholarships and The Hongkong Bank Foundation Hong Kong – Mainland Exchange Scholarships, and visited Sichuan and Tokyo.

After graduated from HKAPA, Angel has continued acting and physical training in PIP School, Philippe Gaulier Master class and Horizon Theatre Studio Ltd after graduated. Whereas, she joined Theatre Horizon in 2007, and as Education & Outreaching Manager in 2010-12, which produced and performed various school touring productions: ”Searching for the Happiness Ville” (Drug Abuse), “Super Politeman: Happy School” (School category), “Super Politeman: Happy to Begin” (Social & Library categories), “The Broken Window” (Collaboration with The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong).

Recent theatre performances: The 10th Chinese Drama Festival ─ Piece by Piece “Will you please be quiet, please?”; ThreeWoods Playwright “All about Ruby”, “The Immigration Lottery” (Participated in Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014, Umbrella Festival 2015 & Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016), “The Height” (Charity Production Commissioned by REN Coaching Research Institute), “Shi Yī “, “Bon Voyage”, “Every Little Thing”, “Revelation of Love”, “The Reborn?” (Gospel play), “The Curious Incident of a Little Girl”(Hong Kong & Guilin Version) (Collaboration with Ma Chai Sand Art), and as Producer in《寂。Solitaire》 (Collaboration with TwoMouthRice). Hong Kong Repertory Theatre “Boundless Movement” (First & Re-run & Guangzhou), “Caligula” and the Pre-show; Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education “Five Children and It”, “What time is it, Uncle Fox?”, “Princess Ice-Lolly”, “The Frog Groom”,  “The Boy becomes Rabbit Mama”, “The Goose of Pipi”, “Muddlehead Tiger” (Collaboration with Sun Sun Arts Troupe) and participated the 3rd National Puppet & Shadow Competition of Golden Lion Prize (Mandarin version); Theatre Horizon “The Leftout”, “Winds of Change”, “Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!”, “Defiance” (First & Re-run); Spring-Time Experimental Theatre “Hello Hong Kong” (Musical), “The House of 72 Tenants” (First & Re-run); Prospects Theatre: Playwright Scheme X “Preservation/ Are you a doctor?”, Playwright Scheme VI “Solitary map”; Methodist Evangelistic Ministry “Looking for Ideal once again” and “Selling LOVE”; Make Friends with Puppet “The Little Snowman & Sunflower”, etc. For school touring: Sun Sun Arts Troupe “Chinese shadow Phantom” (Shadow Puppet); Theatre Ensemble “Save the Dolphins”; Exploration Theatre “Sit out ideas”. Besides, she also appeared in commercials and government propaganda: Narcotics Division, Hospital Authority, promotion of West Kowloon Cultural District, Burger King, etc.

Angel is also an experienced acting coaching, cooperation included “Drama in Pre-primary Education: Funful Learning Project” and the research project “A School, Theatre and University Partnership in Integrating Drama into Preschool Curriculum”, which launch by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, so as to assist the development of drama curriculum in early childhood at schools. Moreover, she has co-operated with St. James’ Settlement Continued Education Centre and write the drama programme “Be the Master of your Emotion ─ Pre-school Drama (Emotional) Education Programme” and coaching in both pre-school and teachers’ drama workshops.

In 2011, Angel joined ThreeWoods Playwright and working as the Company Manager. In 2012, she has received funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council under the Emerging Artists Project Grant, she established Syan Production, created and produced “The Anonymous”. [Director, Playwright and Actress]

She is currently working as an Actress, Theatre Arts and Education Coach, and Adjudicator of the Hong Kong School Drama Festival.

梁祺鈞 Katherine Leung


Katherine has experience in both drama and dance industry. She started her career as art administrator since 2014 with DanceArt, and is currently working in Actors’ Family. She helped to organise dance and musical performances from indoor to site-specific, including a two-week dance festival “Flowing White Box Dance series”, site-specific contemporary dance performances such as “Gengyi Ji Dance Performance” at Stanley Waterfront Promenade and “CroXXing” in swimming pool. She also help to bring productions for local and offshore audience, such as 2015 & 2016 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme touring in different districts, “Gengyi Ji/Blind Date” to Xinjiang International Folk Dance Festival and “Love Story of Sam and Sally” to Macau, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, Katherine works closely with Threewoods Playwright in backstage that she has been a stage manager in “Immigration Lottery” (Adelaide Fringe 2016), deputy stage manager in “All About Ruby”; assistant stage manager in “Immigration Lottery” (Edinburgh Fringe 2014) and “寂。Solitaire”.


  Cathy SK Lam  


  Katherine Leung  


  Angel SY Chan  




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We believe that theater and society are closely related. We hunger and seek for the new thinking through different approach of text, we question and explore the present world through the play, we hope and search the way to a be a better man through the reflection between theater and the audience.



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