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"I am the vine; you are the branches.
If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5



Let’s Be Together Arts Festival X Hong Kong 2019






In 2019, the shared theme for Hong Kong and Taiwan is “To Create Your Own Way.” When we look at the poster, designer hope that we all can open up the vessel that hide us, breakthrough the limitation from that bound us, be able to show our true colour.




The 1st Let’s Be Together Arts Festival X Hong Kong





Let’s Be Together Arts Festival x Hong Kong is franchised from Let’s Be Together Arts Festival Kaohsiung. Hosted and curated by ThreeWoods Playwright. 

"No boundaries" is our belief, and also our "theme" this year to run the festival, there will be no limitation on age, experience, nationalities, subject or art form....



Smoking with Grandma - Adelaide






“We Refugee, The Eternal Foreigner; We are all...a drifting wood. “

Every refugee has an untold story behind closed door...


Season 2017

  • Smoking with Grandma - Adelaide +

    "I didn’t remember if it was June or July, but it was the season of cicada." Maia called 1996 the year of lost, the year before the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, also the year her grandma passed away. Her grandma had spent most of her life in Tiu Keng Leng, a remote island in Hong Kong which used to be a refugee village, housing former Kuomintang (KMT) officials and followers who had escaped to Hong Kong from China after KMT was defeated...... Read More
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Suspended Ticket for Young Generation

  • About the Project +

    Through the project of "Suspended Ticket for Young Generation", ThreeWoods playwright wish for providing every single kid an opportunity to see theater production and to understand what is going on inside the performing industry. From their very first step into Read More
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About us

We believe that theater and society are closely related. We hunger and seek for the new thinking through different approach of text, we question and explore the present world through the play, we hope and search the way to a be a better man through the reflection between theater and the audience.



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Suspended Ticket for Young Generation