Located at Seah Street, Singapore, just across the street from Raffles Hotel, Mint Museum of Toys is the world’s first purpose-built museum for toys.

Belonging to Mr Chang Yang Fa, a Singaporean Chinese, the five-storey museum showcases an extensive collection of vintage toys, including rare and unique one-of-a-kind pieces. It is considered to be the largest collection of its kind within Southeast Asia, with more than 50,000 pieces of vintage toys. The collection ranges from the 18th century wooden and iron toys, electric toys, to the modern 20th century plastic toys. 

Its like walking into a time tunnel once you have stepped into the Mint. You will be fed up with all of your childhood memories and all those amazing toys. You will have a feeling that you are fortune enough to be with them. Toys are unique; it has a very special element that makes people smile and swap all the unhappiness. And, reminds us with all those silly crazy thing while childhood. 

Have you ever thought about...toy being a Cultural Ambassador? When we walked from one pavilion to another, you will notice every toy has their very special bonding with the country they are from. From the way the look, the material, the color and the costume, the handcraft skill, you can tell which country they made in and also the period of time they were produced. Back in the day, most toys were hand-made and the skill was heritage by families. However, this only happened before the advent of large-scare toy manufacturer took over the toy industry. Unfortunately, since the emergence of industrialization, factories replaced the traditional home studio. The low-cost, high-volume electric and plastic toys has replaced crafted toys. The popular “plastic” has swiped the old and traditional Cultural Ambassador away badly. 

Under the globalization, how much localization we could still have?

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